What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

  • Three to four hours a day of campus jobs will help students gain work skills. (All Bethany students participate in this work-study program.)

  • One to two audited classes selected from Bethany’s current offerings based on student’s interests.

  • One to two life skills classes designed specifically for the needs of Beyond Limits students.

  • Meals as part of the Bethany meal plan and inclusion at all appropriate Bethany activities including chapel services, field trips, college events, and service activities. 

Where Do Beyond Limits Students Live?

Housing is at Bethany’s on-campus apartments. Beyond Limits students will live together in an apartment along with 2 trained Bethany Students who will provide general supervision, support and mentorship.  Cooking, cleaning, having fun and living together is part of the life-skills training of Beyond Limits.

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Daniel Brokke, President, Bethany International and friends

Daniel Brokke, President, Bethany International and friends

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I would like to let you know the tremendous gift that Beyond Limits young people are to Bethel Global University and our ministry community. When you and your associates shared your vision to see young people with various disabilities experience a mission-focused Christian college, we really didn’t know what to expect. But, we knew this was a unique opportunity to bring together people who have a heart for God and the Kingdom and want to serve those who need help on life’s journey.
Beyond Limits students have become part of this community and have brought richness to our campus life. Everyday our students are actively and practically involved in their lives. They live with them, work and worship together. We are thrilled that Beyond Limits students are part of Bethany and look forward to having more with us this coming year.
A few days ago, Kyle came up to me and said, “Hi Mr. President.” He had a big smile and passed it on to me. On any given day the same kind of friendly gesture might occur with several of the Beyond Limits young people. They are a part of us. They are involved. They make a difference.
We are grateful that God led Beyond Limits to us.
— Daniel H. Brokke, President/CEO Bethany Global University