Beyond Limits Christian College for Students with Developmental Disabilities


Dreaming of a day when you could live on a college campus?

It’s not a dream! There is room for you this Fall!


Application process now open - apply today!


What is it?

Beyond Limits, a collaborative partnership venture based at Bethany Global University, offers a two-year, residential post-secondary Christian campus experience and Beyond Limits life skills certificate for qualified young adult students with developmental disabilities. The program includes a customized selection of audited Bethany classes, independent living skills courses, and on-campus job placement and coaching to gain work skills in Bethany's student work/study program.


Why is it needed?

The semi-independent living experience provided by a residential college is an important intermediate step to independent adult living for the students. The need is even more important for young adults who are challenged with a disability. But for many, especially those with developmental disabilities, the opportunities are limited. Beyond Limits provides young adult students with disabilities the opportunity to live semi-independently in a supportive, faith-based college setting.