Mara fornicoia - education specialist


Masters degree in Special Education, Bachelors degree in Social Work.

Favorite thing about Beyond Limits:
Watching the students exceed everyone's expectations! Watching them build friendships, work, learn 
and play alongside their BGU peers, and see their confidence grow day by day.

Goals for Beyond Limits Students:
To help our students recognize their strengths, and to keep pushing and learning. I want them to leave here knowing that they are capable, have God given strengths and talents, and to be able to take that out into the community and keep proving to themselves and to everyone else that they have a lot to offer.

Favorite memory so far: 
When we were out grocery shopping, and one of our students was chatting with a guy at the Redbox kiosk. The guy told us he worked for a group home nearby and asked us what group home we were from. Another student answered adamantly, "We aren't from a group home, we're going to college!" The pride in her voice was truly priceless!

Krystal owens - Student connector


Bachelors Degree in Intercultural Studies & Theology with a Minor in Business from Bethany Global University.

Favorite thing about Beyond Limits:
Getting to work with students who have a broad range of different giftings. I love hearing about what each student is interested in and seeing how they add so much value to this campus.

Goals for Beyond Limits Students:
To see them grow in their friendships and in their confidence in embracing who God made them to me and to see them become more independent. I believe that our students are very capable of achieving what they set out to do and BGU is a great community to help make that happen.

Favorite memory so far: 
Being able to pray with one of our students & seeing how excited she is to be here!

Craig Spofford - executive director


M.Div in Biblical studies and Leadership, experience working with the disability community, job training and development and service in pastoral ministry.

Favorite thing about Beyond Limits:
Walking with Beyond Limits and Bethany Global students as they live life together and participate in classes, outreach ministry and every day work and life. Being part of this integrated community!

Goals for Beyond Limits Students:
To continue on the foundation of thriving and seeing students grow through their time at Beyond Limits and beyond.  Goals like work skills, life skills and so on are important, but primarily seeing Beyond Limits students see themselves as having a purpose and being included in the world is the key.

Favorite memory so far:
Every year Bethany Global has a student camping trip.  One of our Beyond Limits students in his second year, who does not enjoy camping, took the step to go.  He surprised himself by enjoying the time with his friends and being part of the activities.  Watching people try new things, experience real friendship and be connected with others always gets me excited.