Is Beyond Limits working? You be the judge!

In a recent poll over 95% of the typically developing college students at Bethany indicated that:

  • Including people with disabilities into their college life enhanced their college experience

  • Including people with disabilities will have a positive impact in their future ministries and careers

  • They are more likely to include people with disabilities in other settings outside of college!


Emma - former student

“I was just thinking about all of the students today and how much I miss everyone from Beyond Limits. Those people are my dear friends and I have been incredibly blessed by each one of them. It brings tears to my eyes to think about how thankful I am that God allowed them to be apart of my life. I have been looking through pictures of me and my sweet friends and I just laugh with joy at how much God used them to impact my heart. I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for all of your hard work and passion; having the Beyond Limits students on Campus is such a precious gift.”

Lori - Bethany Global University  Director of Admissions

"…We have had two students from Beyond Limits work several hours each afternoon in the Hub (Student Service Center) at Bethany.  In both cases, the students were positive, inspiring and reliable team members. Their desire to learn new skills and their cheerful attitudes have made working with them an enjoyable experience for our staff and BGU student workers. I have been particularly pleased to see how our BGU students have interacted with our Beyond Limits students, resulting in genuine friendships and mutual respect. Learning to patiently train, communicate a task and expectations clearly, answer questions and follow up with our Beyond Limits students has been beneficial to their personal and professional growth. Seeing our Beyond Limits students conquer a task or grow in a job skill has been celebrated with their BGU student trainers and the confidence of all has increased in the process."



Kerri - Beyond Limits Graduate

"When I started here at Beyond Limits I did not know what to expect. I have a seizure disorder and Aspergers Syndrome so I had no real idea if college was the right fit for me based on my seizures. I was afraid that if I went to college and had one they would not let me into the program. I overcame that by praying each and every day about it and thought to myself "Should I do this?" "Should I not do this?" Finally, I can to a conclusion and decided to do it! With the help of an unknown financial supporter and the leadership team of Beyond Limits, I was able to attend this wonderful program.

Life at Beyond Limits was wonderful for me. I have learned to make new friends, try new things, and broaden my horizons at little bit. I have made lots of new friends here as well. I love the fact that we got to go to school events together, movies, or even the Mall of America sometimes.

I want to raise funds for Beyond Limits so that people with disabilities like me can have experiences like I am having. Just because we have a disability and sometimes makes it hard for us to learn does not mean we can't go to college. Because if we try we can do it!"